Pen To Part.

Product development is complicated. Our process is simple.

Tangent Design Group, Inc. Process - Strategy & Research

Strategy & Research.

Team efforts create big ideas.

Tangent Design Group, Inc. Process - Design & Develop

Design & Develop

Drawing connections and refining details.

Tangent Design Group, Inc. Process - Deliver & Support

Deliver & Support.

From pen to part full service product development.

Together we work in a collaborative and open environment, drawing upon our unique experiences and skills to help foster big ideas and innovative solutions to your problem.

Strategy & Research.

We believe user centered research is the foundation of any successful product. We use benchmarking, trend analysis, user interviews, ergonomic studies and observational feedback to help formulate critical insights into product positioning, design thinking and market potential.

Market Analysis

Functional Requirements

Regulatory Requirements

End user usability


Manufacturing Requirements



Tangent Design Group, Inc. Services VR

Design & Develop.

We use our unique set of skills to help visualize and create innovative, real world solutions to your product’s needs. Together we work from initial 2D ideation, through 3D conceptual development and part ready CAD files to deliver you uncompromising design solutions.


3D Modeling


Reverse Engineering



Project Planning

Mechanical Packaging


High Res Rendering

3D Printing


Feasibility Studies

Program Management

GUI/UX Graphics

Kinematics Evaluation

Tangent Design Group, Inc. Services Sketching

Deliver & Support.

At Tangent, we believe that a successful product launch doesn’t end with a digital file. We use our knowledge and experience in both traditional and innovative production techniques, as well as our relationships with reliable manufactures to ensure that your product is manufactured efficiently and effectively.

Marketing Support

High Res Rendering

Vendor Selection

Quality Control

Vendor Management

Manufacturing Process Selection


Tool Development

Tangent Design Group, Inc. Services 3D Printing