IEM Stacking Pallets

Functional design for warehouse environments.

Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, a leading provider of automation machines and systems, tasked Tangent with re-thinking an existing pallet solution that had outgrown their client’s needs.

Tangent decided to take advantage of rotational molding’s unique combination of durability and cost-effective manufacturing methods, to create a pallet that can hold the desired number of product units while maintaining the old pallet’s original footprint. Tangent’s roto-molding solution allows for a more robust structure that can be stacked in a vertical, self-supporting orientation, minimizing the need for additional equipment and hardware. This self-supporting orientation also prevents the pallets from using the product within as a stabilizing device, ensuring that the product’s condition remains pristine with in the pallet.

Tangent is a foremost leader in providing designed roto-mold solutions. Through the utilization of 3D CAD software, Tangent ensured that all of the client’s requirements were met and considered before moving to tool.