Jayco Terrain

B Class, A Style.

Tangent partnered with Elkhart based RV manufacturer Jayco to design, develop and model interior parts for Jayco’s latest foray into the world of Class B camper vans. Riding on a lifted Mercedes Sprinter van chassis, the Terrain, an off-road capable camper van features a more rugged and durable interior, designed to withstand the active outdoor lifestyle of its users.

Tangent was tasked with developing a host of interior panels for the Terrain’s cabin, including window, door, and side panels featuring built in storage compartments, as well the Terrain’s compact, multi-function shower / latrine station. These panels were developed in Autodesk Alias, using the latest surfacing software, modeled to the exact specifications and layout of the Sprinter van’s interior dimensions.

After creating concept data in Alias, Tangent set about working with its partners in the molding industry along with Jayco’s engineering team, to ensure that each part would be molded to the exact specifications that Jayco required. This involved careful consideration of assembly and fastening techniques, along with an advanced knowledge of molding strategy in order to hide trim edges and fasteners. Tangent made use of its in-house 3D printer, to make prototype parts & assemblies, allowing Tangent to benchmark various part dimensions, and ensure part rigidity and fit & finish.

Especially critical to this process was the Terrain’s combined latrine / shower station, which needed panels that would accommodate various removable shelving solutions when not in use, while providing enough space and structure for its multiple functions. In addition to the necessary storage, the shower’s panels needed to come together to create a watertight seal that would prevent water from reaching other parts of the coach.

After finalizing part count and material offsets Tangent set about modeling each part to the manufacturers desired molding specifications, ensuring that each piece would be received by the molder in a tool-ready format.

Images courtesy of Jayco, Inc.