Sketching lies at the foundation of everything we do, from blue sky ideation, to refined illustration, sketching informs every aspect of the design process.

There’s a reason that designers and pencils go hand in hand. The tools may have evolved somewhat, but the method is just as important as ever. Sketching is more than just drawing a pretty picture. Sketching helps tell stories, and unify visions for designers and their clients.

Every great idea starts with a sketch. At Tangent, we use 2D visualization to help us rapidly generate ideas that can solve client problems ranging from ergonomic, functional concerns to aesthetic changes, as well as story board generation, and advanced, photo real product illustration.

Exploratory Ideation.

More often than not, every project begins with ideation. This process is crucial in helping designer and client make critical insights into the form and function of the product. This rapid process of discovery and creation can help uncover new, or previously unconsidered elements that will help a product standout in the marketplace. Perhaps most importantly, this phase helps provide a visual road map for the designer and their client.

Refined Illustration.

After settling on an initial design direction, refinement becomes critical. This additional level of detail and fidelity helps to further inform future design decisions, as well as providing the client with marketable material, that can act as an initial preview of the future product. Refined illustration can come directly after the ideation phase, or, it can be used over an existing product, or CAD image, to adjust, or iterate on multiple features that a client might like to change.

Concept Refinement / Iteration.

Following the sketch phase, 3D modelers will use the initial 2D illustrations to generate CAD models of the product.  Often times sketching will still be required during this phase in the product development cycle. Whether it is to simply help further inform modelers of the surfaces they are creating, or to generate iterative concepts of a certain part or detail that may not have required attention at the beginning of the design process, refined concept sketching is an integral part of the product design process.