Furniture Design

From new age designs to unbreakable chairs, Tangent is adding more and more furniture brands to our portfolio. Why is our furniture product design clientele growing? Because our unique experience with innovative materials, color trends, decorative details, and production know-how means we give our clients a marketing edge.

Balancing ergonomics, CMF & production goals in furniture product development

Ergonomics plays a role in the quality of the product you design, but perfecting the sculpt of the seat back or the height of the arm rests is only a part of the development. CMF design (or Color, Materials, and Finish) is key in creating consistency, building quality, and assembling profitable creations. Finally, creating great furniture starts with understanding the space in which it will live. Like the Radial Rocker, clients choose Tangent because we combine all factors into the pieces we create.

Tangent specializes in modular product design

From an industrial or business standpoint, designing furniture for lounge and lobby areas with bright and open floor plans requires clean and approachable furniture product designs. This reinforces a calming atmosphere for guests. Building smart modular designs means you’ll get the most out of your production. Choosing from the right durable material options will ensure your product satisfies your customers year after year.

Furniture product development for offices

Moving beyond the lobby, we help companies with innovative office furniture designs including desks, shelving systems, filing cabinets, lighting, and seating. Do you want to sell furniture perfect for the modern meeting or conference room? We have the furniture designs for sale that will meet your production goals and drive up business.

Designing for challenging institutional environments

At the other end of the spectrum, behavioral health furniture is designed, engineered, and constructed for residents or patients who require highly specialized care. The furniture must be durable, tamper-proof and elegantly designed to withstand the potentially harsh daily use in this environment. Tangent creates institutional furniture designs that address the safety requirements for patients, residents, and staff. This includes tamper-proof screws, softly rounded edges, and overall anti-ligature refurbishment to prevent misuse.

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