Cortech Endurance Crew Chair

Comfort meats functionality.

Cortech Crew Chairs With End Tables

Cortech USA, a leading manufacture of behavioral health and correctional furniture partnered with Tangent to help develop the all new Endurance Crew chair.

Working from Cortech’s designs, Tangent set about developing a chair in 3D CAD software that would meet Cortech’s rigorous standards for safety, strength and durability.

Tangent’s knowledge of rotational molding manufacturing techniques ensured that the chair would be both more durable than steel as well as flame retardant. The chair’s “no break” polyethylene material allows for a multitude of color options and creates a surface that is easy to clean and maintain in any correctional environment.

Tangent also contributed marketing materials for the Endurance Crew chair, by creating photo real renderings of both chairs in Autodesk VRED, a high tech visualization software.

Cortech Crew Chair Floor Attachment
Cortech Crew Chair Ballast Door
Cortech Crew Chair Blue