Kickstarter: Mobile Miniature Painting Studio

Studio X Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Funded

Mobile Miniature Painting Studio and Travel Case

The Studio X Mobile Miniature Painting Studio is a fantastic piece of kit, perfect for all miniature painters – from those who want a tidy workspace, to those without a permanent location to paint at, and those who love to travel with their miniature painting to friends’ homes, local stores, workshops, and conventions.

The concept behind the Studio X Brush Hanger was the genesis of this whole project. We are excited that you’ll be able to keep your hanger on your wall next to your hobby area, and then easily transfer it to your Studio X when you are ready to take your painting on the road. The Brush Hanger is 6.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ and comes with a wall-mounting bracket.

We wanted the Studio X Wet Palette to meet all your needs, and so the durable, injection-molded ABS plastic kit has seven paint wells molded into the lid, perfect for your washes and inks. Once you’re done, simply wipe them clean and pack the Wet Palette back in your Studio X. The Wet Palette is 7.25″x6.5″ x 1.25″and comes with foam and paper.

We have also been able to squeeze in two Tool Trays at the top of the Studio X where you can store your clippers, glue, spare blades for your hobby knife, and any other bits you might need for a modeling project. These Tool Trays can also double as water cups when you are painting on the go!

And finally, the Side Panels of the Studio X can be easily removed, and each panel features two shelves. Each of these shelves can hold up to 15 dropper-style bottles (Vallejo, The Army Painter, Pro Acryl, Reaper Master Series) and, if you stack them, up to 12 GW-style paint pots too. This means that you could carry up to 60 paints with you!

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