Blue-9 Propel Air Platform

An air platform for Air Bud.

Tangent recently partnered with Blue-9 Pet Products, an industry leader in dog training equipment, to design, develop and model the Blue-9 Propel Air Platfrom, a connective inflatable training platform with molded in guidelines for all forms of training and fitness.

Beginning with extensive benchmarking, Tangent was careful to ensure that the Propel Air Platform would work in conjunction with other Blue-9 products, including the Tangent designed Blue-9 Klimb Platform. Utilizing a combination of blow molded and compression molded plastic, the platform incorporates a double-sided tread pattern that differs on each side, allowing for flexibility in training methods, and dog size. By using a blow molded plastic solution, Tangent was able to provide additional flexibility for the end user by allowing them to inflate or deflate the platform to meet their training goals.

Starting the design process immediately in CAD allowed Tangent to explore a myriad of volumes and tread patterns in a true, one to one scale, which provided the client with the necessary context to make design and molding decisions at the very beginning of the 3D phase. In addition to designing two separate tread patterns, Tangent worked to ensure that the training platform would be durable and flexible enough to allow for multiple configurations, including attaching multiple Air Platforms together with Velcro straps through compression molded loops, native to the platform itself.

After settling on a 3D direction that satisfied the client’s needs, Tangent worked closely with the molder to ensure the part would meet the client, and the molder’s exact specifications.

With a mold ready CAD model in hand, Tangent was able to create high level, photo real, marketing images in VRED, Tangent’s in-house 3D rendering software. These photo real images allowed the client to evaluate the products final look without the need for expensive prototypes.

The Blue-9 Propel Air Platform is on sale now. You can learn more about it at Blue-9’s website.