The world’s first 3D-printed eBike

Emery ONE eBike Light Detail

The Emery ONE was developed by a collaboration of Franco BicyclesArevo, and Bosch and is intended to disrupt the way bicycles are traditionally manufactured via 3D printing.


“We were drawn to Arevo’s 3D printing process for the ability to quickly iterate and prove out concepts during product development, the onshoring of manufacturing to California, and the increased speed with which we can bring products to market,” says Hector Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Franco Bicycles and Emery. “But while all those benefits matter, the most important benefit is that the bike performs at a world-class level. Arevo’s expertise and continuous carbon fiber technology have been instrumental in achieving the ride quality and high-performance requirements we set out to accomplish with the Emery ONE.”


Franco reached out to Tangent for assistance developing the bike’s battery covers, including the 3D printing of battery cover prototypes for the Emery One’s initial launch. Making use of our in-house 3D printing capabilities, Tangent was able to design and develop multiple cover options and sizes based on carbon-fiber frame’s scalable architecture.


Additionally Franco commissioned Tangent to assist in the creation of marketing renderings and material to correspond with the bikes initial launch. Using 3D CAD data developed in house, Tangent used VRED’s rendering software to create photo-real marketing images for Franco’s initial launch.

Emery ONE eBike Display Detail
Emery ONE eBike Gear Detail
Emery ONE eBike Brakes
Emery ONE eBike Frame
Emery ONE eBike Saddle Detail