Brinkley Model G

Taking Toy Haulers to the extreme.

Tangent once again partnered with Brinkley RV, an all-new Indiana based RV manufacturer, to design and develop the Brinkley Model G fifth wheel cap. The Model G represents the second offering from a new line of Brinkley towable RVs designed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Brinkley tasked Tangent with developing a brand-new Toy Hauler model that would take Brinkley’s established brand identity in a more extreme direction. Giving the Model G a more angular and aggressive look would be critical in helping to distinguish it from the rest of Brinkley’s portfolio, and from an increasingly competitive Toy Hauler segment.

The design process began with Tangent working closely with the Brinkley engineering team to create a side wall profile that would ensure a properly aggressive approach angle and overall cap profile. Achieving this overall profile change was essential to giving the Model G it’s dynamic stance and sense of forward motion. Tangent also looked to establish integrated graphics and lighting at an early stage in the 2D development process. A key feature of this model is the accent lines that travel from the side of the RV to the front cap’s lower facia, giving the Model G a distinctly automotive look and feel. Tangent drew inspiration from modern super cars in giving the Model G its aggressive styling features, including the unique trident signature lighting theme, and an aero inspired lower facia.

With a 2D direction in hand, Tangent took to 3D CAD software to further develop the Model G’s complex automotive style surfaces. This development included new light channels for the Model G’s signature lensed lighting features, and additional landings for Brinkley’s logo and branding, as well it’s key graphic features. After settling on a 3D concept, Tangent worked closely with the fiberglass supplier and the Brinkley engineering team to achieve the desired styling features at the tightest possible tolerances, ensuring a product worthy of Brinkley’s place as a market leader.

You can learn more about the Brinkley Model G at Brinkley’s website