Brinkley Model Z

Building a brand from the ground up.

Tangent recently partnered with Brinkley RV, an all-new Indiana based RV manufacturer, to design and develop the Brinkley Model Z fifth wheel cap. The Model Z represents the first of a new line of Brinkley towable RVs designed to stand out from the pack.

Brinkley tasked Tangent with developing an entire exterior brand identity that would set them apart from the crowd. Tangent took inspiration from luxury automobile and marine products, to craft an exterior identity that would represent Brinkley’s commitment to creating a premium & contemporary product.

Tangent’s first order of business was to begin with 2D sketches of a Brinkley “Halo” concept, which would inform the design and development of future Brinkley products, including the Model Z. Tangent took a holistic approach to this process, not only designing the cap’s fiberglass features, but the overall graphics, lighting, and logo as well. By proposing integrated graphics at such an early stage, Tangent was able to ensure that future Brinkley products would maintain a consistent brand identity across models. Additionally, these integrated graphic proposals helped to create a premium feel that deviates from the graphics typically seen throughout the RV industry.

After settling on an overall 2D direction for the brand, Tangent took to applying the new design criteria to Brinkley’s first product, the Mid-Pro Model Z.  In additional to the integrated graphics, Brinkley and Tangent agreed that the upstart brand needed a unique lighting signature to set them apart. Tangent worked with Brinkley to develop a signature LED light solution that could be used across multiple platforms, working closely with a lighting and lens supplier to develop a lensed solution that would give Brinkley the premium automotive look they desired.

With a 2D direction in hand, Tangent took to Autodesk Alias (a 3D CAD software) to develop the Model Z’s lens & fiberglass surfaces, ensuring a Class-A automotive treatment on even the Model Z’s most complex details. Working closely with the fiberglass and lens suppliers from the beginning of the 3D design process ensured that the Model Z’s various parts would come together smoothly, giving the Brinkley Model Z an automotive level of fit and finish.

You can learn more about the Brinkley Model Z at Brinkley’s website