Harley expands its footprint.

Harley Davidson GMC Hero

With Harley-Davidson having severed official ties with Ford after years of exclusively licensing the Harley name, Harley, in partnership with Tuscany Motor Co., have expanded their brand of officially licensed HD products to the General Motors truck family, namely the top of the line GMC Sierra.

Tangent once again teamed up with Elkhart truck outfitter Tuscany Motor Co. and Milwaukee based motorcycle builder Harley-Davidson to design, and develop HD’s latest foray into the land of four wheels.  The 2020 HD Sierra contains more than 65 custom changes over the standard Sierra. Notable additions include an all new ram-air hood, custom wide-body fenders, an updated grill with Harley badging, 22-inch fat-boy inspired milled aluminum wheels, front and rear bumpers with custom lower skid plate and an integrated light bar, to name just a few.

Tangent’s responsibilities included the design and development of those 65 + proprietary parts, as well project coordination between Harley, Tuscany, and the numerous molders and suppliers that would help bring the Sierra HD to life.

Harley Davidson GMC - Grille Detail
Harley Davidson GMC - Badge Detail

Beginning with 2D input from Harley Davidson’s design center, and supporting sketches generated in house, Tangent set about modeling each of the HD Sierra’s exterior parts in 3D CAD software, taking them from concept level surfaces to tool ready parts that meet molder specifications.

Without the support of a full size clay model to evaluate surfaces, Tangent turned to it’s in house, VRED powered,  virtual reality set up to create a full scale walk through environment, which provided members of Harley Davidson, Tuscany, and Tangent with critical insights into the design and scale of each of the Sierra’s numerous exterior modifications. Utilizing VRED’s powerful rendering software, Tangent was able to visualize the Sierra HD in real time, generating photo real images for marketing materials and client walk throughs.

The Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra is set to make it’s debut at Barret-Jackson Scottsdale later this year.

Harley Davidson GMC - Trunk Detail
Harley Davidson GMC - Tonneau Cover Detail

Photos courtesy of Tuscany Motor Co.