BraunAbility Auto Interior Transformation

BraunAbility are the mobility transportation experts and have been for over 40 years. They are the leader and offer the most variety in wheelchair accessible products in their industry.


BraunAbility being the industry leader realized that in order to stay on top they needed some help to stay there. They saw Tangent as an outside consulting group that could assist in helping them with that goal. We were able to evaluate their existing products and identify “areas of improvement”. Top priority was to make their consumer conversion products look and feel more automotive OEM quality.


Tangent had used the 2011 Honda Odyssey as the pilot platform to implement the interior improvements. The vehicle was laser scanned to accurately capture floor modifications and develop all the new plastic components in 3D CAD. The design team at Tangent worked with Braun’s engineering and assembly groups as well as their suppliers to make BraunAbility’s 2011 Honda Odyssey a manufacturing and sales success. With the success of the improvements developed on the Honda product, BraunAbility has since decided to implement similar improvements across all of their consumer vehicle products.