Product Family


Swingline is a division of ACCO Brands Corporation. ACCO Brands is one of the world’s largest producers of branded office products. Swingline itself has a long history of making quality innovative stapling products for nearly a century and is considered the stapler of choice by many.


ACCO Brands had developed an innovative new shredding technology and wanted to build a line of shredders around their Swingline brand that utilized this technology. Tangent worked jointly with ACCO Brands development team to create a line of products that communicated the Swingline brand, showcasing the new shredding technology as well as its new intuitive user interface.


There are five products in the line and Tangent designers worked through 2D development phase as well as developing the final 3D CAD control surface to keep a consistent, identifiable branded family form language.


Photos courtesy of Acco Brands