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People love the clean look of zero threshold showers. What they don’t love are the post-installation issues that exist with current designs such as: poor drainage, bathroom water puddles, and trench residue build-up. Mesa eliminates these issues by delivering the latest in shower floor innovation while allowing for expanded design options.

The Waterfall Concept

Mesa uses gravity like a waterfall to revolutionize the way water drains from a zero theshold shower. With twin floor panels suspended over a collection pan, water flows over the edges. Each floor panel is contoured to direct water from the standing surface, keeping the flow away from the shower front.

Oasis Lifestyle MESA Open Flow Shower Consumer Product Design

Simple Installation. Inspired Versatility.

Installing a composite shower pan usually limits the options for tile or stone on the shower floor. SO delivering an integrated look requires additional labor and materials, floor build-up, and waterproofing membranes. The Mesa system changes that by offering floor panels ready for tile, allowing you to deliver the integrated look customers want in one simple process.