Transform the way your landscape looks at night.

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is often difficult to enjoy your water feature and landscape during the day. Tangent worked with Aquascape to design the Aquascape LED Garden and Pond lighting system.


The 6 Watt Spotlight, 3 Watt Spotlight, 1 Watt Spotlight, and Waterfall Light are energy-efficient, compact lighting solutions that can be placed anywhere a spotlight is needed. The lights can be used either in or out of the water and have all been designed to compliment their natural surroundings. The lights are constructed of high quality die-cast metal and their quick connect fittings make for simple installation. The light angle can be easily adjusted and includes a removable mounting base can be wedged beneath large rocks or covered by gravel, ensuring the fixture maintains proper position beneath cascades.


Aquascape Garden and Pond Light Kit includes everything needed to create a beautiful nighttime focal point in any water garden or traditional landscape.