Revenge GT1

A dish best served with 900 HP.

Tangent recently partnered with Irvine California based performance upfitter Peregrine Automotive to design, develop and model Peregrine’s next high end performance icon, the Revenge GT1. Based on the 991.2 Porsche Turbo chassis, this full body conversion adds 6inches of width to the 991’s substantial frame, and features full body side vents, and functional aero additions inspired by Porsche’s rich racing heritage. Not to be out done, the Revenge GT1 replaces every one of its body panels with a carbon fiber substitute, which leads to considerable weight reduction and a significant upgrade in performance.

Working from the start with in-house designers and modelers, and Peregrine’s chosen carbon fiber supplier, Tangent set about designing the Revenge GT1 to stand out from the crowd, incorporating design elements of classics from Porsche’s past, like the 959, Carrera GT, and most importantly the GT1 homologation special.

It was critical for the Revenge GT1’s myriad of ducts, intakes, and aero features to be functional, driving design decisions from the beginning to extract the most performance from the GT1’s additional width, and necessary wide body enhancements. Tangent was able to draw from a wealth of experience in class A surfacing to ensure that the GT1’s complex, functional, body panels would match the impeccable surfacing of the original 991’s exterior, integrating the additional features in a seamless manner that would match the Porsche’s OEM quality parts and finishes. As a result of the additional width, every body panel on the GT1’s exterior had to be redesigned, including a more aggressive aero bumper and splitter, functional air-extracting rear hood scoop, wide body fenders and accompanying vents, a functional roof scoop, and a revised rear bumper with adjustable wing and lower diffusers.

Without the help of a full size clay model, Tangent was able to evaluate the GT1’s revised surfaces with the help of our in house VRED powered virtual reality set up. This allowed Tangent to make informed and critical decisions regarding the GT1’s exterior surfaces at scale, with a full suite of evaluation tools, including material accurate shaders and textures, and studio lighting elements.


Working closely with the carbon fiber supplier, Tangent ensured that every bespoke part on the GT1’s exterior would match the necessary molding specifications to ensure an OEM level fit and finish.

You can learn more about the GT1 over at Peregrine’s website: