SEMA Show Revisted

Automotive Inspiration – Sema Show 2018

Tangent hit the road to the attend the SEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas in late October. This annual automotive trade event draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products.  This year’s exhibitors did not disappoint.

SEMA Show 2018 - Tangent Design Group


For example, the 1958 Chevy Impala adorned in what appears to be metal, drew our attention imediately. Kuhl Racing and Rohan showcased the masterpiece, which was created by custom painter Takahiko Izawa. Izawa assimilates engraving with paint sculpting and stenciling to create a full-body 3D effect. Check out his work at Rohan Izawa Art Design.


Booth after booth offered car accessories and customizations for every taste. We saw lots of cool stuff, but one gadget in particular caught our eye.  The Grypmat allows you to work under the hood without damaging your tools or autos. Its flexible and high-friction component allows it to hold your tools up to a 70 degree angle without magnets.


2018 SEMA Show - Tangent Design Group

The SEMA Show offers educational seminars, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities in addition to the exhibitors. Brew Talks partnered industry personalities with attendees for informal interviews over a beer.


On a practical note, you can’t go to a SEMA Show without absorbing the new car reveals, the coveted Battle of the Builders cars, and of course, Las Vegas itself!  Also, we didn’t hate seeing our own designs on display, such as the Shelby Super Snake.


The Takeaway


SEMA took a turn this year as the show focused predominantly on lifted show trucks. High-end luxury cars are out; big trucks are in. As a result, after-market product companies offered more rims, finishes, and customizations for trucks.