SPE: Thermoforming From An Industrial Designers Perspective

26th SPE Thermoforming Conference

Industrial design is a valuable part of the product development process. Industrial designers’ input and creativity can greatly affect and improve the probability if a part or product’s success. Bryan Fox the founder and president of Tangent Design Group spoke at the 26th SPE Thermoforming Conference in Fort Worth, Texas about industrial design’s purpose and scope, what designs do, and their role in product development. Sharing his specific experiences designing for aesthetic heavy gauge thermoformed parts and assemblies. By offering insights into the world of industrial design Tangent can help thermoforming professionals become knowledgable about how and when to utilize industrial designers in their own development process.


Fort Worth, Texas

Omni Fort Worth Hotel & Fort Worth Convention Center

Bryan Fox presenting thermoforming from an industrial designers perspective at SPE
26th SPE Thermoforming Conference 1