Consumer Product Design

The home and consumer product design process

Before we begin a new consumer project, we ensure that the business objectives are solved and the key problems identified. Consumers are then identified by their relationship to the problem. Successful home product development internalizes the solution the consumer is ultimately trying to achieve within the design.

In order to consistently deliver results, every project follows a general flow:

  1. Define the vision for the product
  2. Research to uncover the distinctive product insights
  3. Assess the end users
  4. Brainstorm to merge everything into a logical end state
  5. 3D design and/or virtual reality build
  6. Validation through comprehensive testing
  7. Final activities to bring the product to market

A consumer product design company focused on your profitability

Bringing great ideas to life means taking concepts and making them profitable to produce. Consumer products are often driven by production quantities and manufacturing processes. We have experience and know-how designing parts for injection molding, thermoforming, rotational molding, fiberglass, and carbon fiber technologies. To ensure designs are of the highest quality before production, we routinely test parts with 3D printers on site. Each step in the process has its own set of challenges with each feature needing to be optimized for price, ease of molding, durability, and strength. Tangent accounts for all of these.

When it comes to design and development of great consumer products, prototyping and a smart iteration process is the key to our success. Clients choose us because we continuously refine the design, build prototypes, and test new ideas to solve problems. With a diverse team of designers and specialized experts, we build and test ideas faster and more efficiently than most.

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