Taking the flagship to new heights.

2018 Avalon Excalibur Sunset Pontoon Marine design

Tangent partnered with Avalon Pontoons to design and develop the 2018 Avalon Excalibur flagship pontoon boat. Combining traditional aluminum sidewall construction with fiberglass and thermoform inserts, the Excalibur adds automotive style to its sleek and refined exterior.

Avalon brought on Tangent to design the Excalibur from the ground up. Starting with 2D thumbnail sketches, progressing all the way to final 3D part files, as well as color and material studies, Tangent was instrumental in helping Avalon achieve their goal of developing a world-class pontoon boat.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Pontoon

2018 Avalon Excalibur Exterior Lights Marine Design by Tangent

Photos courtesy of Avalon Pontoon