Marine Design

Marine design brings the unique challenge of developing high performing features in a water environment. At Tangent, we specialize in enhancing quality while meeting tight production schedules often required in this industry. Whether the challenge is to upgrade a boat with an existing hull or analyze and design a new product to meet your consumers’ needs, our marina developments show the breadth of our capabilities.

Keeping every interest afloat with innovative boat product design

There are many reasons to be on the water and that is why Tangent starts with the consumer experience. Our portfolio includes pontoon design as well as fishing boats, cruisers, ski boats, and products you’ll see at any harbor.

From complete boats to individual boating components, we create bold designs and refined accessories currently turning heads on a dock near you. For example, the Avalon Excalibur project turned the basic concept of a pontoon boat into a marina hotrod with automotive styling in its sleek and refined exterior. Conversely, the marine ottoman shows how boating products can be versatile in function and fit within a variety of vessels. At Tangent, we continuously push the limits of what is expected by today’s boating customer.

How to make every aspect of marine design a catch

Clients come to us with a spectrum of requests. Sometimes our designs start with a full 3D product scan in order to fit new parts/sections onto an existing frame. Others start from scratch with idea boards and 2D thumbnail sketches. No matter where the design starts, we’re able to bring it into 3D space, with CAD or virtual reality, to make sure you’re satisfied and the final production runs smoothly. In addition, we ensure market success by conducting color and material studies to optimize consumer demand and profitability.

When it comes to developing world-class products for the water, there are a variety of factors you must consider whether the final product is meant for the seas or a local lake.

First, there is the challenge of tightening build quality while controlling for production costs. This includes improving part tolerances, hiding visible fasteners, and increasing appeal by tastefully using decorative fasteners, stitch details, and quality upholstery.

Second, space is at premium on boats. Therefore, we’re always thinking about how we can maximize storage and add value to each part. By adding lockable storage, cooler storage, map pockets, and integrating additional storage compartments, we give your boaters a dry place to keep valuables safe and secure.

Third, balancing styling with brand heritage and trends found in other market segments is a must for building the legacy you strive toward. This involves us undertaking a deep understanding of your brand and incorporating that into decals, upholstery, and panel design as well as the use of materials used, like fiberglass, plastic and billet aluminum.

Check out some of our designs above for a deeper dive into how we bring these three elements into every design. Interested in what we can do for you? Contact us today.