Recreational Vehicle Design

Designing for the future of recreation starts with a great design created by designers who expand the focus of your product beyond the standards of compliance. Any firm will give you options for lighting, turning radius, and visibility. However, Tangent designers start with the end user experience and always build upon sustainability and safety. Whether creating the product design for hitched travel trailers or motorized RVs, we help our clients overcome challenges head-on. From sketching to prototyping technologies including CAD, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and virtual reality, we excel at delivering full-size experiences to your team fast.

RV product development designed to turn heads

We help RV brands redefine their look, validate ergonomics, and develop industry leading trends. Manufacturing ability is always at the forefront of our designs, and our clients love testing their future products with virtual reality before starting the prototyping process. With Virtual Reality, we can tell if there is enough room under the steering wheel, if the driver can see better over the new dash, and experience the consumer’s interactions with the controls and buttons. Our portfolio products above will tell you we’re also known for exteriors that spark consumer demand, like on the Fleetwood Excursion. We also can easily balance function and fun with added utility storage, like in the Airstream Atlas.

Hit the road with travel trailer product design

Travel Trailers can be used for utility and fun. When designing recreational products, like the Airstream Basecamp, mixing an aerodynamic structure with efficient and clean features creates a comprehensive package that critics and consumers notice and love. Another value-add that sets Tangent apart is our ability to prepare products for future consumer demands. For example, technology constantly evolves, and our clients’ products stay relevant through strategic integration of parts and UX.

How is designing for recreational vehicles different from other products?

The purpose of recreation is relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore, an RV is a motor vehicle or trailer which allows your customers to take the comforts of modern life with them as they live their adventures. This is fundamentally different from passenger vehicles or utility vehicles. That’s why Tangent engrains all these elements into the adventurer’s experience. Check out our creations above and see how we’ve made storage in tight spaces a must and exteriors captivating and timeless.

If you’re looking to develop an award-winning product that consumers can’t wait to take exploring, contact us.