Studio X:

Mobile Miniature Painting Studio

Kickstarting a dream.

It’s not all things that go VROOM over here at team Tangent. Sometimes we get to bring a mom & pop shop’s Kickstarter dreams into reality. Tangent partnered with a husband-and-wife duo that were looking to take their miniature figure model painting & brush storage solutions to the next level, with a comprehensive storage solution that would be compact, portable, and most of all, highly functional.

Starting with some rough mockups provided by the clients, Tangent set about sketching 2D concepts that captured their vision, and provided all of the necessary packaging requirements for their modeling needs. This included designing a portable case that would also function as a brush holder when open, allowing space for two wet pallets, as well a shelf for paints and figures, cutting boards, and additional storage capacity for other modeling tools such as x-acto knives, glue, and spare parts.

After settling on a 2D direction that fulfilled the clients’ design and packaging requirements, Tangent began modeling the mobile painting studio in CAD, making sure to carefully consider production constraints, and the clients’ prototyping needs. Moving to CAD quickly allowed Tangent to glean critical insights into the initial design, allowing for modifications to the overall layout, and the addition of molded paint pallets to an included part (the wet pallet cap). By incorporating reverse engineered brushes, paints, and cutting board dimensions, Tangent ensured the mobile painting studio would have the necessary and correct package space for all the user’s modeling needs.

Through further CAD refinements, Tangent was able to produce photo real renderings of the product for the client to use in marketing materials and sales brochures. These renderings were essential for the client to gain funding for their Kickstarter campaign.

By using CAD data provided by Tangent, the client was able to produce the rapid prototype model required by Kickstarter, which allowed them to showcase their idea to the world.

As of this writing their Kickstarter campaign as earned $204,722, more than double of their original goal of $85,000.

Click the link to check out the full Studio X Kickstarter campaign: