Qwest M Class Helm

Detail oriented design.

Qwest Pontoon and Tangent recently collaborated on Qwest’s highest level M Class helm line, delivering a thoroughly contemporary and content rich design fit for Qwest’s top tier of pontoon boats.

Notable features on the M Class helm include a billet grab-handle, crisp high-density foam milled center gauge display and pass through, and a lower binnacle storage space with a back-lit logo decal & leather wrapped trim panels. Additional features include a windshield with billet brackets, a wireless charging port, and a 13’ side mounted sub-wolfer.

Tangent’s responsibilities included the 2D & 3D design & development of the M Class helm’s multitude of parts, including the fiberglass core, billet fixtures, foam milled and thermo-formed inserts, and leather wrapped panels, as well as decal affixed dress panels.

Starting with a 3D package of Qwest’s required content and dimensions, the Tangent design team worked to create 2D concepts that integrated the various features into a stylish package, maximizing the molding constraints presented by the available materials. Tangent was careful to integrate unique details and luxury features, such as billet aluminum, back lit decals, and high density milled foam inserts that provide the fidelity of injection molding for a fraction of the tooling cost.

After selecting a 2D design theme, Tangent used 3D CAD software to develop and refine the M Class helm’s various parts, working closely with the Qwest engineering team every step of the way to ensure that every part met its required tooling specifications. Tangent was also careful to utilize our in-house VR set up to review the helm’s various ergonomic positions and touch points, ensuring that each feature was placed in the optimal location for accessibility and user friendliness.

Tangent’s deep knowledge of material and tooling processes helped ensure that each part and finish was optimized for the helm’s high-end needs, providing a unique and luxurious experience for the end user.

You can learn more about the Qwest M Class helms at Qwest’s website: https://www.qwestpontoons.com/rls-mseries