Design Visualized.

Tangent Design Group is using VR product design to explore design directions, communicate ideas, and create unique design experiences faster than ever before.

Virtual Reality (VR) is more than just a cool, new technology. It is changing how we design, develop, and experience everything from architecture, transportation, and consumer products to assembly, problem solving, and education. With its potential to transform the way people tell stories and interact with their environments, VR is rapidly changing how we think and work.


At Tangent, we believe Virtual Reality lies at the intersection of science, art, and technology. It’s the latest progression in a long line of tools designed to give us valuable insight into issues of scale, context, and experience through 3D visualization. When designers put on a VR headset, they take product design testing to the next level by evaluating their designs in a real world, full scale, three dimensional context. VR product development gives us and our clients new perspectives on scale, proportion and ergonomics that can escape more traditional forms of evaluation. Tangent’s ability to deliver 3D visualizations to our clients and make systematic improvements to our initial builds keeps both new and current clients knocking on our door. Discover what we can do for you.

Tangent Design Group, Inc. VR

Using VR in Design, Testing, and Development.

One of the greatest challenges in design is convincing the client that the finished product will look just like — or better than — the 2D or 3D representation. Even the most skilled designers know that it takes vision and a leap of faith from a client to buy into, and be excited by a design idea. VR as a presentation and communication tool helps to bridge that gap, by allowing the designer and the client to make better-informed decisions through a compelling, full scale 3D virtual experience.


As pioneers within the industry, Tangent can see the possibilities are endless. What makes us excited for the future of VR product design is that it gives our designers a whole new (virtual) world to explore.


Let’s make your idea a reality, starting with virtual reality.