Automotive Design

Tangent designs for tomorrow’s drivers and passengers. Our automotive design approach embraces constant change as a catalyst for innovation in materials, utility, and aesthetics.

Tangent is one of the top automotive design companies in North America.

Automotive Design sits at the crux of Tangent’s transportation design portfolio. It’s a world in which we belong. Simply put, we are car guys. We speak rockers and spoilers and grills and rims, F150’s – 950’s, fastbacks and hardtops. Automotive styling is in our blood.


Whether it’s a collaboration with an in-house design studio, or an original concept, we have helped develop exteriors, cabs, entry configurations, fascias, wings, hoods, vents, diffuser assemblies, and everything in between. Our designs and automotive experience have helped automotive brands such as  Chrysler, Shelby, Tuscany, and Ford, Harley Davidson, and Nissan launch memorable new products and we can’t wait to do the same for you.