IEM Stacking Pallets

IEM Stacking Pallets Functional design for warehouse environments. Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, a leading provider of automation machines and systems, tasked Tangent with re-thinking an existing pallet solution that had outgrown their client’s needs.Tangent decided to take advantage of rotational molding’s unique combination of durability and cost-effective manufacturing methods, to create a pallet that can hold the desired number of product units while maintaining the old pallet’s original footprint. Tangent’s roto-molding solution allows for a more robust structure that can be stacked in a vertical, self-supporting orientation, minimizing the need for additional equipment and hardware. This self-supporting orientation also prevents the pallets from using the product within as a stabilizing device, ensuring that the product’s condition remains pristine with in the pallet.Tangent is a foremost leader in providing designed roto-mold solutions. Through the utilization of 3D CAD software, Tangent ensured that all of the client’s requirements were met and considered before moving...

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Shelby Super Snake Tangent Automotive Design


2019 Shelby Super Snake The Most Powerful Super Snake Ever Shelby recently unveiled its all-new 2019 Super Snake to the world. Boasting over 800 horsepower, the 2019 Super Snake is the most powerful Super Snake model ever.   Shelby tasked Tangent with the design and development of a large array of parts, including the hood, rockers, front and rear fascia, rear wing, grille and diffuser assemblies. In addition to the standard Super Snake, Tangent also assisted in the development of a more track focused wide-body variant....

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Vactor 2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner industrial automotive design

VACTOR 2100i

Vactor 2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner Revolutionary Simplicity. Vactor tasked Tangent to completely re-think their sewer management system from the ground up, beginning with thorough background research of Vactor’s previous sewer management process.   Through a streamlining of procedures and simplification of controls, Tangent was able to devise an all-new management system that creates a safer, more user-friendly environment for the operator.   The Vactor 2100i’s innovations include articulating controls that can be both angled and vertically adjusted for user comfort, glove friendly tactile buttons that are located on a single control panel, and backlit button feedback that enables the user to know what functions are active. CONTROL PANEL DESIGN GUIDELINES Photos courtesy of Vactor...

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Blue 9 The Klimb Tangent Consumer Product Design


Blue 9 The KLIMB Dog Training Platform and Agility System. The KLIMB is the world’s first professionally designed and engineered dog training platform. It was specifically designed to improve the relationship between you and your dog. The easy-to-assemble dog-training platform can be secured to additional platforms to create more training space, and its rubberized surface prevents the dog from sliding. With positive attention and rewards, owners can teach their dogs that The Klimb is “their place” on which good things happen, and because it’s so lightweight, owners can take their dog’s place just about anywhere.The KLIMB is both dog and consumer friendly, without any sharp edges, fully molded materials that are comfortable and non-threatening.  It features a strong, molded poly deck with our exclusive PawGrip rubberized surface for sure pet footing.   Legs screw securely in place and store flush in a recess underneath for easy, compact transport.  The KLIMB is washable, waterproof...

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2018 Avalon Excalibur Sunset Pontoon Marine design


AVALON EXCALIBUR Taking the flagship to new heights. Tangent partnered with Avalon Pontoons to design and develop the 2018 Avalon Excalibur flagship pontoon boat. Combining traditional aluminum sidewall construction with fiberglass and thermoform inserts, the Excalibur adds automotive style to its sleek and refined exterior. Avalon brought on Tangent to design the Excalibur from the ground up. Starting with 2D thumbnail sketches, progressing all the way to final 3D part files, as well as color and material studies, Tangent was instrumental in helping Avalon achieve their goal of developing a world-class pontoon boat. Photos courtesy of Avalon PontoonPhotos courtesy of Avalon Pontoon...

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Cortech Endurance Wall Mounted Bunk Detail


Cortech Endurance Wall Bunk Safety and Stability for any Environment Designed for use in correctional and other intensive use situations, the Cortech Endurance Wall Bunk represents a step forward for single piece rotationally molded furniture.Developed in partnership with Cortech, a leading provider of durable, functionally minded furniture for correctional environments, the Endurance Wall Bunk is built with practical durability in mind. Able to withstand up to 2000 lbs of static load, the Endurance Wall Bunk can mount to any wall via concealed pilot holes that accept a variety of fastening solutions. The bunk requires zero maintenance, is resistant to stains, and is flame retardant per the Cal 133 flammability test.The Endurance Bunk was designed and developed in house at Tangent, using 3D cad software to ensure that the bunk could be molded as single piece of highly durable polyethylene plastic. Additional development using VR software ensured that the bunk would be ergonomically...

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Front detail of the Cortech Radial Rocking Chair


Cortech Radial Rocker HOK ARCHITECTS + CORTECH = A safer, more relaxing, rocking chair. Tangent partnered with HOK a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm and Cortech an emerging leader in providing product solutions for the correctional environment, to design and develop seating for a safe and humane work environment for correctional and other intensive use institutions.The Radial Rocker is a rocking chair, that is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and safety. The Rocker is a durable, one piece, rotationally molded plastic chair with no steel or wood components. The low center of gravity provides stability and a smooth rocking motion. The Radial Rocker has a 56° rocking radius, which allows for a bigger rocking motion. The chair passes the Cal 133 flammability test, is stain resistant, and is manufactured right here in the USA. Tangent worked with HOK and Cortech on tool drawings, ergonomic studies, and optimizing the design for...

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Airstream Atlas Touring Coach with Exterior fiberglass designed by Tangent Design Group, Inc.


AIRSTREAM ATLAS Raising the bar in the B-Class segment. Tangent teamed up with Airstream to design and develop the all-new 2018 Airstream Atlas.  Tangent was tasked with designing and modeling the Atlas’s exterior body panels, including rocker panels, side skirts, front and rear fiberglass, side graphics and trim pieces. “Built for travel comfort, the Atlas boasts beautiful bodylines with custom bodywork that eliminates many seams and trim common on other motorhomes.” – RV Pro. Taking queues from the smaller Airstream Interstate, Tangent set about creating a family look for the Atlas that preserves Airstream’s rich heritage of clean, high-end designs.  Using Tangent’s fiberglass expertise, Airstream and Tangent worked to eliminate many of the part lines and panel gaps that are found on lesser RV models, giving the Atlas a more automotive feel.Photos courtesy of Airstream....

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Braunability 2017 Chrysler Pacifica with exterior accents designed by Tangent Design Group, Inc.


CHRYSLER PACIFICA Adding style to accessibility. Tangent partnered with BraunAbility to design and develop the all-new 2017 BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica. BraunAbility has long been considered the leader when it comes to wheel chair accessible vehicles, and that lead continues to grow with the 2017 BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica, the most spacious wheel-chair accessible vehicle available. “Expect to see more than a few of these on the road. They’ll be a godsend for people who need a little extra help getting around.” – Jalopnik BraunAbility brought the Tangent team on to help design and engineer the exterior and interior cladding, as well as to work with BraunAblitly engineers to develop multiple side and rear entry configurations. The Pacifica’s updated suspension and compact front powertrain allowed BraunAbility and Tangent to develop the largest floor area for a wheelchair accessible vehicle available today. Photos courtesy of BraunAbility...

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2 Seat Cortech Structured Seating


Group seating system.   Tangent partnered with HOK a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm and Cortech an emerging leader in providing product solutions for the correctional environment, to design and develop group seating for a safe and humane work environment for correctional and other intensive use institutions.   The Structured seating line is a group seating system for public waiting areas and internal detention spaces. The seat shape is a mix of angles and contours, evoking a sense of comfort and self control. Tangent worked with HOK and Cortech on tool drawings, ergonomic studies, and optimizing the design for production....

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